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Hartley vs. The Humans: Week 8


Now that the government is back to work, it’s time for me and my picks to get back to get back to work. I’m blaming the previous two weeks of poor picking on the government shutdown breaking my focus and handcuffing my picks. It sounds good, right?

But no more excuses. I expect a 5-0 week this week, so let’s do this!


LSU (-9) vs Ole Miss


Brian: Ole Miss came so close to beating Texas A&M last week, but Johnny Manziel rallied and led the Aggies to 10 late points and an A&M win. Ole Miss can use that game as a motivator going into this game or they could be absolutely crushed by it. I’m going with the latter. LSU wins by 14.

Katie: LSU.  That’s all I can say after my excessive truth telling (i.e. shit talking) about Ole Miss this season.  Ole Miss’ only hope is that the football gods smite me to help them beat LSU.


Photo Oct 17, 10 30 58 PM

You’re treading on thin ice, dog!


Florida State (-3) vs Clemson


Brian: This is the ACC version of the Game of the Century, which is cute considering the winner of this game will still lose to a team it has no business losing to. This is called “Clemsoning,” and I’m going to pick Clemson in this game so the Tigers can eventually lose later this season and fulfill their destiny.

Katie: I’m going with Clemson.  Personal experience tells me to not put my trust in Jimbo Fisher’s offense, even (especially?) when it’s run by a freshman phenom.  There’s a reason Nick Saban didn’t bring that man with him when he abandoned LSU for the NFL.


Photo Oct 17, 10 31 45 PM

Clemson sweep!


Auburn vs Texas A&M (-13.5)


Brian: Auburn has looked good these past couple of weeks, beating Ole Miss and crushing Western Carolina. Auburn beat Ole Miss by 8, whereas A&M defeated the Rebels by just 3. Advantage Auburn. The Tigers won’t win, but they’ll cover.

Katie: I think Auburn has a chance this week, at least to beat the spread, so War Damn Eagle.  Last week Auburn had about as much of a bye week as a team with game could have, while TAMU played an SEC school, even if it was just Ole Miss (Ok ok, I’m done!).  I think 2 weeks to prepare for Johnny Football should at least make this game closer than 2 touchdowns.


Photo Oct 17, 10 32 45 PM

Auburn sweep!


UCLA vs Stanford (-5.5)


betfarmBrian: Stanford’s upset loss to Utah last week basically ended the Cardinal’s national championship hopes and embarrassed them and the PAC-12. UCLA comes into Palo Alto undefeated and ranked in the top-10, but Stanford will be looking to win back some respect. Cardinal cover. “Bet the Farm.”

Katie: While looking up records for this game, I realized how little I care/know about the Pac-12.  That said, I’m going with Stanford at home, because I don’t want UCLA to have a good football season after stealing the baseball title away from more deserving teams (cough…LSU…cough).


Photo Oct 17, 10 32 13 PM

Massachusetts vs Buffalo (-21)


Brian: There weren’t any other good games worth betting this week, so I wanted to have some fun with some MACtion as Buffalo hosts UMass. Knowing nothing about these two teams, I’m going to pick Massachusetts to beat the spread because after last week’s New England game, I’m convinced Boston-area teams have a lucky horse shoe shoved up their collective asses somehow.

Katie: Massachusetts has yet to score more than 17 points, while Buffalo tends to score a lot.  I’m going to go with Buffalo to beat the spread and end UMass’ 1-game winning streak.


Photo Oct 17, 10 31 21 PM

To recap:

Brian         LSU            Clemson       Auburn         Stanford        UMass
Katie         LSU            Clemson       Auburn         Stanford        Buffalo
Hartley    Ole Miss   Clemson      Auburn         UCLA               UMass

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