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Another Taco Mac Challenge Update

This is a week old, as it was LAST Sunday that I went to Taco Mac to continue the Passport (Now known as the lame Brewniversity) challenge, but I still needed to log it.

Two more beers means that the count is up to 73. That also means I am two beers away from reaching 75, which will earn me a $10 gift certificate to Taco Mac.

Now, a recap…

Red Hare Long Day Lager

I started with a Red Hare Long Day Lager. I had never had it before — hell, I had never heard of it before — but I figured, what the hell?

Red Hare is a local brewery located in Marietta. I knew it was from Georgia when I ordered it, but I didn’t know it was from Marietta. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten it because I hate everything from Cobb County.

Except, maybe, for this. It was a light, refreshing pilsner that I really enjoyed. It was a bit sweet with some hops — not a lot and no bitterness to it.

If you’re looking for a light, golden beer that wouldn’t weigh you down, I’d recommend it. Despite my hatred for Cobb County, I might order another Red Hare again. Just for the awesome logo alone.


The second and final beer that I had was a Victoria in a bottle. I already had a Victoria on draft, but since I was without my list and didn’t want to risk getting a beer I already had before, I played it safe and got the bottled version.

When I got Victoria on draft a few months ago, I loved it. I thought it was delicious, refreshing, perfect taste for an amber. Now, meh.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was still good, but it did not live up to its hype. It’s a good taste for an amber, but the finish was anything but smooth. In fact, it had a big kick at the end.

And not a good kick.

To be fair, though, Victoria’s website recommends serving it with a lime, and Taco Mac did not serve a lime with it. Maybe that’s what it was missing, but who knows?

73 down, 52 to go… 

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