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Pandora Does Stand-Up


It’s been awhile since I updated the Pandora running challenge, and for that I apologize. To give you an idea of what I’ve been running to, here’s an update:

After Tuesday’s ridiculous heat, I decided to take off Wednesday and try to stay cool rather than burn outside again. Thursday’s 5-mile run outside again was crazy hot, and after that I gave up. Friday I ran on the treadmill for 6 miles inside the gym, Saturday was 3-mile outside run that was cut short from a heavy rain shower and Sunday I went back inside for another 6 miles on the treadmill. While I hate the treadmill, it’s becoming the only place where I can run a decent distance without dying.

Those last four runs gave me a third straight 30-mile week and put me at 97 miles for July. I reached 100 with a 3-mile run on Monday in the heat, but it wasn’t bad because all I wanted to do was 3 miles to hit my goal. Huzzah!

During those runs, I listened to one station only — Comedy.


D.L. Hughley — “The World Is Different”


I started listening to this station on Thursday after discovering that Pandora had a comedy station. I figured “What the hell?” and off I went galloping to stand-up comedians doing their bits.

This station is the best thing I’ve heard since I started the Pandora challenge. The Tony Kornheiser Show podcast, my regular go-to entertainment when running, is 100 percent talk radio, so to listen to people talking rather than music actually made the runs feel like normal.


Doug Benson — “Boo and Hiss/Drinking”

Comedy Central Live at Gothem 2009

After a run, I go back and review the Pandora playlist and record what I listened to so I can later write these posts. On Thursday, the first day I listened to the comedy station, my phone decided to die multiple times, shutting on and off and thereby resetting my Pandora playlist before I could write down which comedians played on that run.

So everything I have listed today is from Friday’s run. I decided to replay the station as a way to get a comedy playlist and because it felt good to listen to talk on a run. What I didn’t expect was to become addicted to this station even after Friday’s run.


Jim Gaffigan — “4 Kids”


My gym has dozens of treadmills, and it also has a “Cinema Room” with three treadmills, a couple of stationary bikes and some elliptical machines in a dark room with a movie projected onto a wall. Every day a different movie is shown.

Friday’s movie was “Good Will Hunting,” and there was nobody in the Cinema Room, so I ran in there to try it out. With no lights, no sweating people around you and an air vent blowing directly on you, it’s a 10-degree cooler run than a regular treadmill workout. The only issue is that “Good WIll Hunting” was playing, a fine movie for a boring Saturday afternoon TBS broadcast, but not anything I’d watch on my own.

(By the way, the Comedy station plays a TON of Jim Gaffigan, which isn’t a bad thing.)


Daniel Tosh — “Two”


After the “Dem apples” scene, I decided to go back to Pandora and the Comedy station. In the process, I did the one thing that you can’t do on a treadmill, and that’s drift. One step too far to the right side of the machine put my on my ass in a completely dark, completely empty room. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone around to see that happen.

Most of the comedians that are played on the Comedy station I have heard of or seen them perform on a Comedy Central special. In high school, my friends and I would watch the late-night stand-up specials regularly, but that was 10 years ago. These setlists are all from current shows, and it was good to hear new stuff from comedians I watched years ago.

(The Comedy station also plays a lot of Daniel Tosh. While unwatchable on Tosh.0, he’s a lot better on Pandora.)


Louis CK — “Suck A Bag Of Dicks”


I know some readers are huge Louis CK fans and love everything he does. I like him, but I guess I don’t know enough about his stuff to love him like others do. The Bag of Dicks bit, though, could change that.

Maybe it was because I on mile 5 at a 7 minute/mile pace, but I couldn’t stop laughing at this bit. It was by far the funniest one I heard during Friday’s run, and probably through the entire weekend. I’ve never seen Louis and I’ve only watched one of his stand-up specials, but maybe I should find some more of his comedy.


Matt Kirshen


I have this theory that it’s OK for people from New Orleans to joke about Hurricane Katrina, but when other people do, especially people who live in non-hurricane threatened areas like Atlanta or Los Angeles — although California does have its own shit to deal with — it’s offensive.

So when Matt Kirshen, a 50-pound British comedian who starred in NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2007, started going on about Katrina, I was ready to hate it. But I didn’t!

“It’s already New Orleans, so when they rebuild it, what are they going to call it now? They should rename is like a laundry detergent. New Improved Orleans Ultra…Whiter than ever…that’s a lovely reaction. First a boo, then a laugh, then a little clap…like my sex life.”

And what happened, then? Well, in Baton Rouge they say – that Brian’s Katrina tolerance grew three sizes that day.

I like to think I’m progressing.


So that was Friday’s Comedy channel. Like I said, I also listened to the station on Saturday and Sunday, and those playlists featured a lot of the same comedians like Jim Gaffigan and Daniel Tosh. I’m going to resume listening to other stations from now on, but it was good to hear something funny for a few days.

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