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You’re Up, Pandora


The emergence of July is a welcomed mark for me. The year is halfway over, and if it’s been a particularly crappy year, well, you’re 50 percent done with it.

July marks the heart of summer, which will also soon end and make way for fall, cooler weather, my birthday and football.

July also brings America’s birthday. Happy birthday, USA, you beautiful nation you.

But alas, July can also be a cruel bitch as it means my favorite podcast — The Tony Kornheiser Show — goes on its summer hiatus and won’t return until Labor Day. Tony Kornheiser is a Washington, D.C.,-based sports writer, but his show covers so much more than just sports. I learn politics from Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, movie review from the Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday, legal insight from America’s best white collar lawyer Abbe Lowell and, yes, sports from a slew of great sports writers. There’s even Reginald the Monkey making football picks against NFL hall of gamer Ron Jaworski.

I love to listen to the Tony Kornheiser podcast when I run. It makes the miles goes by so much faster, and on numerous occasions, I’ve had to stop running because I couldn’t stop laughing to the tales of a 60-something.



What am I to do now that Tony is gone? Well, in previous summers I would hit shuffle on the iPod and go. But, well, the iPod has had a couple of incidents recently, rendering it an electrical hazard when surrounded by sweat.

So now I turn to the iPhone and Pandora for savior. The goal (and we’ll see how long this will last) is to try a new Pandora station on every run and report back to what I heard, if it motivated me and what songs will remain find future homes in my iTunes.

So away we go. I have two months without Mr. Tony. I might as well make the best of it.

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