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Pandora Plays Elvis


It’s been raining a lot in Baton Rouge lately, which has helped keep the temperatures down a bit. Thankfully. So on Tuesday, with a heavy lunchtime downpour and an incoming thunderstorm keeping temperatures in the mid-80s, I ventured outside for 6 miles.

I ran the first three miles fast, too fast, at 7 minutes per mile and slowed to an 8 minute per mile pace for the final three. By a hair I finished the run and got inside before that incoming thunderstorm showed up and drenched the area all night. Close call, but I won.

As for the music, I decided the King’s time had come. I didn’t pass out or throw my underwear on stage, but the King of Rock did serenade me on the 6-mile run thanks to Pandora’s Elvis Presley station.


Elvis Presley — “Tutti Frutti”

The idea for an Elvis Pandora station came while driving to work in the morning. Queen’s version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” came on the radio, and lo, I decided it must be time for Elvis. A lot of good ideas can come from listening to Queen if you pay attention.

I was hoping for more Elvis songs like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “Jailhouse Rock,” but Pandora gave me a lot of “Tutti Frutti”-esque songs. You’ll see if you keep reading. That’s the good and bad with Pandora is that you have no idea what songs you’re going to get. I thought for sure in the East Coast/West Coast hip hop battle I’d get classic East Coast songs, but that wasn’t the case.


Chuck Berry — “Johnny B Good”

For those slight disappointments, though, Pandora many times will play a great song you had no expectations of hearing. There is no way you can hear “Johnny B Good” on a run and feel disappointed. I could have listened to this song 14 more times during the run and been happy. I wanted to get on stage at Hill Valley High School’s Enchantment Under the Sea dance and embarrass my future parents with my version of this song.


Percy Sledge — “When a Man Loves a Woman”


Ritchie Valens — “La Bamba”

Granted my Spanish is very rusty, but this was I think the first time I’ve heard this song since probably high school and I was able to translate a couple of lines. Most notably “I am not a sailor, I am a captain.” Google even verified that I was correct, so boom.


Elvis Presley — “Shake, Rattle and Roll”


Chuck Berry — “No Particular Place to Go”

A giant step down from the first Chuck Berry song in this playlist.


Elvis Presley — “That’s All Right”


Johnny Cash — Cry, Cry, Cry”

The Man in Black makes an underwhelming entrance.


Jerry Lee Lewis — “Whole Lot of Shaking Going On”


Jerry Lee Lewis — “Great Balls of Fire”

From one big ’80s movie song to another. A few years ago Katie and I went to San Diego for a conference and we ate lunch at Kansas City BBQ, the restaurant where Anthony Edwards and Tom Cruise sang this song in “Top Gun.” When I tell people this, their first response is, “You mean ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling?'” No, watch the movie again. It’s the crappy-looking BBQ joint with Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis both there.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 12.12.59 PM

As for the song, like the food at Kansas City BBQ, it’s fine but nothing to go crazy over. Now take me to bed or lose me forever.

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