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Everyone loves socks, right?

Everyone loves Super Mario, right?

Every red-blooded American loves Duck Hunt, right?

Of course they do. It’s got guns, dogs and shootin’ shit.

That’s why I must have these.

ImageThat’s right! 8-bit Nintendo game socks!!!!!!

(A moment of silence as you ogle and reflect on the wonder of this cotton-based clothing)

Pac-Man. Duck Hunt. Super Mario. And Super Mario 3. All on your little feet.

They’re so awesome putting shoes on would be like white-washing the Mona Lisa or painting clothes on the figures of the Sistine Chapel. Oh, they did that? Sorry, old, dead Catholic prudes.

Go get yourself some awesome damn socks like these. And while you’re at it, pick some up for me.

It’s less than 6 months until my birthday. I turn 30 on that day. I’ll already have one foot in the grave.

Let me at least have a cool-ass sock covering that foot.


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