Hartley vs. The Humans: Week 11 — Weekday Edition

Yes, it’s a special Thursday edition of Hartley vs. the Humans. With two top-10 matchups taking place on Thursday night, I thought it’d be nice to pick these games and let our gambling addicts get their bets in at the last minute.

With Oregon/Stanford and Baylor/Oklahoma kicking off the college football weekend and LSU/Alabama ending it, it’ll be an exciting few days for football fans around the country.

As always, the points spreads are courtesy of 5Dimes.


LSU vs. Alabama (-12.5)


Brian: I know Alabama is the better team and will probably win this game, but LSU and Alabama always play close games (minus the national championship game). This is how the game will go: Team A (either LSU or Alabama) will jump out to a couple of quick scores and take an early 17-0 lead. Team B will regroup and chip away at the score while shutting down Team A. Late in the fourth, Team B will take a 21-17 lead. Now, Team A might score again to retake the lead or Team B will make the critical stop to win, but either way, the point spread won’t be double digits. Last year, when LSU had no offense and had nothing to play for, Alabama won by 4. LSU will beat the spread and I pray the Tigers win.

Katie: I’m going with LSU out of loyalty and general hatred of all things Alabama.  But I think my birthday present to myself is going to be to forget that this game is happening.  Moving on….



Photo Nov 06, 9 29 54 PMGood boy!


Oregon (-10.5) vs. Stanford


Brian: Oregon running back De’Anthony Thomas promised this week that the Ducks would score 40 points against Stanford. But Oregon only managed 14 last year against the Cardinal in a 17-14 upset. Promises aside, Oregon needs to win and win big to get back to No. 2 in the BCS over Florida State, and I think Oregon covers.

Katie: I don’t understand why the PAC12 agrees to put big games on Thursdays.  If your schools can put on a game and then have classes the next day, you’re doing something wrong! Ugh.  That said, I’m going with Oregon.  They have yet to win by fewer than 3 touchdowns, and even though Stanford is better than the other teams they’ve faced, I don’t think they’re -2 TDs better.


Photo Nov 06, 9 28 41 PM


Oklahoma vs. Baylor (-15)


Brian: Baylor is good and can score a lot of points, plus with this game being on Thursday night in Waco, I’m going with Baylor to keep its high-powered offense going and take down Bob Stoops.

Katie: I don’t like Oklahoma because their fans are whiny, and Bob Stoops is worse.  However, Baylor willingly employees Ken Starr as its president (!!!!).  I’m holding my nose here and picking……Baylor.


Photo Nov 06, 9 30 45 PM


Texas (-6.5) vs. West Virginia


Brian: After being left for dead, Mack Brown Texas have reeled off some impressive wins to get back in the mix for their Big 12 division. West Virginia, on the other hand, has looked putrid this season. With its recent success, new athletic director and the hopes of landing Nick Saban at the end of the season, I’m going with Texas to win big in Morgantown.

Katie: WVU is really bad this year, so I’m going with Texas.


Photo Nov 06, 9 29 18 PMLonghorns sweep!


Arkansas State vs. ULM (-4.5)


Brian: No one outside of these two campuses and degenerate gamblers cares about this game. ULM has gotten impressive wins this season against Wake Forest, but also embarrassed themselves with a 70-7 loss against Baylor and a 34-0 loss to Oklahoma. Arkansas State hasn’t fared much better, but it hasn’t lost by 63 yet this season, so I’m going with the Red Wolves to beat the spread.

Katie: ULM.  I don’t mind them, and they annoy ULL, which makes me happy.


Photo Nov 06, 9 31 25 PM

To recap:


Brian            LSU          Oregon          Baylor               Texas            Arkansas State
Katie            LSU          Oregon          Baylor               Texas            ULM
Hartley       LSU          Stanford        Oklahoma       Texas            ULM

Happy betting, everyone!

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