Hartley vs. The Humans: Week 10 — The Rebound Starts Now


Halloween is over, which means college football in November has officially started. This is when championships are made, dreams are crushed and Brian brings respect back to his terrible betting record.

There aren’t many top games this week, as most of the elite teams are on byes for next week’s epic football weekend. Still, I tried to find some decent games that hopefully will at least be fun to watch.

As always, the point spreads are from 5Dimes.

Miami at Florida State (-22)


Brian: Florida State has looked really good recently, and Miami has looked like crap in the past couple of weeks. Florida State will win this game easily, and I think Jameis Winston continues his dominance and the Noles cover the crazy large point spread.

Katie: I’m going with Miami.  22 points are a lot, and this is going to be Miami’s BCS Championship (This was written before I saw that Miami is ranked #7.  Who knew? I’m really going with Miami now).


Photo Nov 01, 8 29 10 AM

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida


betfarmBrian: It’s the battle of two disappointing SEC East teams. I lived in Georgia for the past six years before moving to Louisiana in January, and this game – no matter how good or bad these teams are – is always a big game. Georgia still has a small, outside shot at taking the SEC East title, so I’ll pick the Bulldogs to win and cover the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. “Bet the Farm” on this one.

Katie: Neither one of these teams is ranked, so this game is for bragging rights only.  I’m going with Florida here.  Maybe Mark Richt will cry after this game, too.


Photo Nov 01, 8 30 13 AM

Michigan at Michigan State (-6)


Brian: If it’s a Big 10 game, then I give up and concede the loss. I have been dreadfully bad picking this conference’s games, including last week’s guarantee that Penn State would beat the spread and possibly upset Ohio State (Penn State lost that game 63-14). I think Michigan will be out to prove themselves after losing to Penn State a few weeks ago and the Wolverines beat the spread.

Katie: Every time I pick Michigan to win, they lose and look ugly doing so.  Every time I pick Little Brother to win, they lose.  Neither one of these teams is particularly good, and both are only ranked because this is a weird football season.  That said, I’m going to pick Michigan, because I dislike them more, and I would prefer MSU to win.


Photo Nov 01, 8 29 42 AM

Tulane at Florida Atlantic (-3.5)


Brian: This game has me scratching my head. Tulane is bowl eligible for the first time in years and is 4-0 in Conference USA. Florida Atlantic lost its football coach this week after it was learned he smoked weed at a party recently. But somehow the Owls are favorites? This has to be a Vegas trap, but I’m falling in and taking Tulane.

Katie: FAU.  I don’t like Tulane.


Photo Nov 01, 8 30 39 AM

Navy at Notre Dame (-16.5)


Brian: I’m still not sold on Notre Dame as a good team this season, and while Navy historically does not win against Notre Dame, I’m taking the Midshipmen to at least beat the spread.

Katie: Navy.  I don’t like Notre Dame, either. (Brian: Seriously? How the hell am I losing to her with this line of logic?!?!)


Photo Nov 01, 8 31 08 AM

To recap:

Brian              Florida State          Georgia          Michigan                   Tulane        Navy
Katie              Miami                       Florida            Michigan State        FAU            Navy
Hartley         Miami                       Florida            Michigan State        FAU            Navy

So Katie and Hartley picked the exact same this week, which means Hartley vs. the Humans will all come down to me. We’re doomed.

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