Hartley vs. the Humans: Week 8 Results (I Suck at This)


Another week of picks, another disaster for me. Notice a trend, anyone?

I hope you all enjoy my writing more than my picks, because no one is liking my picks, no even me.


LSU lost on a last-second field goal, but after the Tigers fell behind 10-0 early, it was never in doubt that Ole Miss would beat the spread. The dog, again, was the only one to pick against LSU, and he takes an early lead.


Wanna know how bad everyone was this week? All three of us picked Clemson to cover, but that, again, was never in doubt as the Seminoles crushed Clemson 51-14. No points for anyone on this game.


Finally, a game we all got right. Nobody trusted Johnny Manziel last week, and after the Heisman winner left temporary with a shoulder injury, this line, again, was never in doubt. Auburn was able to get a late stop and take the win, and the Tigers covered easily. By the way, Auburn is the only Tiger team to cover or beat the spread this week.


This was my “Bet the Farm” pick of the week, and I’m happy to say that I got this right after last week’s “Bet the Farm” on Oklahoma over Texas pick. The game was 3-0 at halftime, but Stanford jumped out in the third quarter and held on to cover the spread. Katie and I were right, but Hartley’s trust in the Bruins cost him.


Looking bad, I should have never bet against the awesome blue bull logo of Buffalo. I went with UMass and got crushed 32-3. Hartley also went UMass and lost while Katie correctly picked Buffalo.

For the week, I failed to break .500 again (sigh) and went 2-3 while Katie’s 3-2 record propelled the Humans to 5-5 (50%). Hartley went 2-3 for the week (40%) and his two week winning streak came to an end. He does, however, hold the overall lead 4.5-3.5.

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