Hartley vs. the Humans: Week 5 Results

It was a sad weekend for everyone in the Briantology household. Not only did everyone finish below .500 with their picks (including one idiot who didn’t get any picks correct), the one game we were invested in turned pan out like we hoped.

I’m still licking my wounds from Saturday, so I apologize if this post is not up to its usual stuff.


LSU vs. Georgia (-3)


All three of us picked LSU to cover the spread, and it looked promising for 58 minutes, but LSU’s defense couldn’t stop the Bulldogs on their final drive and Georgia won by 3. It’s a push, and no harm for anyone.


Ole Miss vs. Alabama (-14.5)


Yikes. I really thought Ole Miss had a chance to keep this game at least somewhat competitive. I was wrong, and Katie and Hartley were right.

We didn’t watch a second of this game, but I understand it was close (9-0) at halftime, and then Bama poured it on in the second half to win 26-0 and cover.


Wisconsin vs. Ohio State (-7)


Another push, thanks to a late Wisconsin score. I only saw the final three minutes of this game, so again, I can’t really comment on this game, but a push hurts no one.


Oklahoma State (-18) vs. West Virginia


Talk about an epic failure. West Virginia not only beat the spread, the Mountaineers won outright over the ranked Oklahoma State.

All three of us took the Cowboys, and we knew we were in trouble in the first quarter and would definitely lose this pick by halftime. Sadly, this was also my “Bet the Farm” pick of the week, and this now puts me at 2-2 on betting the farm this year.


Florida (-12) vs. Kentucky


Why I took Kentucky, I have no idea, but Florida, even without its starting quarterback Jeff Driskell, won 24-7 and covered. I lost this pick, but Katie and Hartley won.


Like I said, one idiot didn’t win a game, and that idiot was me. 0-3-2 for the week is just laughably bad. Katie went 2-1-2 and Harley went 1-2-2. Taking out the pushed, Hartley’s winning percentage is 33% (1-2) while the Humans’ is also 33% (2-4) thanks to me 0-fer. Like two of the games this week, it’s a push, and Hartley and the Humans are still tied 2 ½ to 2 ½.

Week 6 isn’t as tantalizing as last week, but hopefully I can recover and get at least one win.

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