Hartley vs. The Humans: Week 1 Results


This is why you should trust my dog over me when it comes to picking college football games.

While I finished second in straight-up picks in our Yahoo! college football pick’em league this week, picking against the spread killed me. To recap:



LSU won by 10 points, covering the spread and starting the season on the right foot. The game was close for most of it, with LSU up by 6 and 3 at times in the fourth quarter. A 3 point win would have put LSU  under the spread, but thanks to LSU’s offense and capable quarterback (not a typo), the Tigers pulled it out in Dallas against what many people say could be one of the top teams in the Big 12 this year.


Alabama vs. Virginia Tech


This was my “Bet the farm” pick, so I am thrilled that I didn’t lose this one. With the exception of the first 5 minutes, I didn’t watch this game, but I heard Bama’s offensive line was disastrous and could be a weakness this year. (Fingers crossed.) Thanks to two special teams touchdowns and a pick-six, the Tide took control of the game en route to a 25-point win.

Sadly for Hartley, this was the only pick he missed this week.


Georgia vs. Clemson


By the way, nice new logo, Georgia. It’s not good, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the old dog.

Both the humans got this pick wrong as Katie and I went SEC over ACC (though she claims she picked Clemson, but whatever). When Hartley made his selection, he first went to the Georgia paper, looked at it, walked OVER the bulldog head and went Clemson. He knows what he’s doing.

Mad props to Briantology fan Kristen for her pick in the Yahoo! league. The UGA hater was the only one in the league to pick Clemson. Tip of the hat to you.


Texas A&M vs. Rice


This was not a good pick for me. I thought Johnny Manziel would come out guns blazing and throw for 5 TDs against Rice. While he did score three touchdowns, he also got himself kicked out of the game by his coach in the fourth quarter. Maybe if he wasn’t a jackass and played the whole game he would have gotten his fourth TD and A&M would have covered, but that didn’t happen.

Katie and Hartley both picked correctly, though, and went with Rice.

Boise State vs. Washington


In the game that no one knew anything about, I went with Boise, while Katie and Hartley went with the Huskies. Huskies won, by a lot. No need to harp on it; let’s move on.


Katie and Hartley tied this week with four correct picks each while I got embarrassed with just two correct picks. The humans’ score is an average of Katie and my picks, so Week 1 of Hartley vs. Humans goes Hartley 4, Humans 3, and Hartley is the winner.

In the battle of the pants, I am losing to my wife 4-2. Good thing there’s still three more months of college football to go!

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