Pandora Gets Shuffled


This, sadly, will be my last post on the Pandora Challenge. As I wrote before, the Tony Kornheiser Show returns on Tuesday, and I am excited to run with rumblings of a 60-something-year-old, grumpy, orange, bald man in my ear.

I must admit, when I started the Pandora Challenge, I thought after a while it would get boring and tiresome. With the exception of a couple of runs, that wasn’t the case. I enjoyed the vast majority of the songs and stations I listened to, even the ones I thought I would never enjoy.

I got to experience songs from every decade going back to the 1950s; East and West Coast rap; Alternative, Today’s, Hard and Real Hard Rock; and even Bollywood. It was a great two months, and while the summer challenge is over, on those days where the Tony Kornheiser Show doesn’t come on, the podcast gets delayed or I listen to it during the work day, I’ll be eager to flip on Pandora and pick a station I’ve never listened to before.

For my last Pandora run, I listened to a little bit of everything as I hit the shuffle button and all the stations I’ve heard this summer came back. Here’s what I got:


Elvis Presley – “Suspicious Minds”

From the Elvis Presley station, of course. While not having a very upbeat tempo, I loved that Thursday’s 5-mile run started with this song. What a great Elvis song.


Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close”

From the Today’s Hip Hop Hits station. I’m not a big fan of this song. I’m not a dubstep fan, but what’s part of the beauty with the Pandora Challenge is that you get songs you’re not in love with, and sometimes you learn to appreciate them. Other times you just power throw them with hopes that something better is waiting on the other side. This was the latter.


Def Leppard – “Let’s Get Rocked”

From the Hard Rock station. As I said in my post last month, I don’t know much of Def Leppard except for “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” so it’s good to get more experience with the band. Even on my final Pandora Challenge run, it gives me something new to help me get the rock out of here.


The Black Keys – “Howlin For You”

From the Today’s Alternative station. This station lost a challenge to the ‘90s Alternative rock station, but if Today’s Alternative would have played more of The Black Keys, it might have won. I really like this band and this song.


Shreya Ghoshal – “Yeh Ishq Hai”

Bollywood!!!!! This was my surprise hit station of the entire Pandora Challenge, and I’m so happy that Pandora picked a song from the station. I have no idea what the lyrics say, but like all the other Bollywood songs, the energy was high and it made me feel happy.


Backstreet Boys – “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely”

From the ‘90s Pop station, the first station on the Pandora Challenge. The Backstreet Boys may not be getting the attention *NSync has gotten this week – though both have been grossly overshadowed by Miley Cyrus – but I still enjoy Backstreet Boys’ music over their boy band rivals.


Garbage – “Run Baby Run”

From the ‘90s Alternative station. The ‘90s Alternative station is brutal. First, it soundly defeated Today’s Alternative in the challenge, and after I give Today’s Alternative some props for playing one of my favorite current bands, it turns around and plays one of my favorite bands from the ‘90s. “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” is still in my top-10 of songs ever, so touché, ‘90s Alternative.


Nelly – “Ride Wit Me”

I guess this is the 2000s Summer Hits station, a station that I hated at the time because it played less-than-stellar songs from the decade. But here we go with Nelly, an artist who, had he been played in the channel’s original turn, would have turned the mediocre Summer Hits playlist into a glorious one. I’m glad Nelly finally gets a chance to shine.


Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive”

Ugh, stop playing this stupid song! Pandora had a trend of messing up the playlists with a terrible song at the end, so why stop now? I applaud the consistency.


So there you have it. I had some station requests that I didn’t get around to, but I promise I’ll do them in time. This won’t be my last ever Pandora running post, just my last one for the Pandora Challenge. If there are other stations you think I missed this summer, let me know and I’ll do my best to get to them. Thanks for reading all this gibberish this summer. I got a bunch of likes and many new followers, and I appreciate every one of you! Now it’s time for football season, so stick around for those awesome posts, too!

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