Taco Mac Challenge Update

Taco Mac time!!

Taco Mac time!!

A trip to Atlanta means seeing friends, playing golf and visiting my old stomping grounds, but more important than all that, it means a trip to Taco Mac for some beer.

According to my Taco Mac Brewniversity app, which Spin will deny he’s ever heard of, my last beer at Taco Mac was Dec. 6, 2012. After this weekend, I am up to 88 different beers, still 37 short of reaching 125 beers, thereby earning bachelor’s degree level, a T-shirt, mug and my name on the Taco Mac Bachelor’s Plaque.

So without further ago, here are the five newest members of Brian’s Brewniverity list.

Full Sail Amber

amber-bottle-pintMy former co-worker and Taco Mac dining partner Kristen will be happy to know that Full Sail comes from Oregon, home of her beloved ducks.

I love amber beers, with Abita Amber still ranking as my personal No. 1, and Full Sail was really enjoyable. It had a good taste without being too overpowering. In fact, I thought its taste could have been a bit stronger, but it’s still worth a try.

For a first beer of the night, I enjoyed it.

Heavy Seas Cutlass Amber

cutlass-amber1-269x1024Another amber. Another delicious beer.

Heavy Seas originates from Baltimore, and the Cutlass Amber is its most award-winning beer, according to its website. The lager took gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival from 2006 to 2010. In 2012, Cutlass Amber won a silver medal at the World Beer Cup in the Vienna Lager category.

This is Heavy Seas second best-selling beer, and it’s easy to see why. Nice taste, slight sweetness and smooth finish make it a nice amber that’s easy to drink. And considering this was my second beer before my wings arrived, it’s also nice to not get full before I eat actual food.

Shiner Ruby Redbird

imagesI love Shiner beers. Shiner Bock is in my top 5, and I’ve had Ruby Redbird before in a bottle and liked it. I don’t know f the tap was bad or what, but this beer was not good at all.

Ruby Redbird is Shiner’s summer beer, featuring a taste of red grapefruit and ginger. It’s meant to be sweet, tart and crisp, and it was in the bottle, but the draft was anything but. Instead it left a nasty aftertaste that I could not get rid of without buffalo wings and water — not something you want out of your beer.

Still, I’m not going to give up on it. I enjoy summer beers a lot, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this was just a case of a bad apple (or in this case, grapefruit).

Highland Little Hump

little_humpAt this point in the evening, I’m feeling the beer, so I wanted something that wouldn’t kill me the next day. I also really enjoyed the name Little Hump.

At 4.5% ABV, this is a light pale ale that is supposed to have a lot of flavor and hop. To be honest, I didn’t taste much. Maybe it was because it was the fourth beer in 2 hours, but I don’t really remember much of it.

Sure, some of that is my fault, but a beer should also leave an impression, no matter how many you’ve previously had to drink. I’m sure it’s better than I’m remembering, but I was unimpressed.

Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider

tumblr_lgrziraGNn1qgop8jIf it’s a cider on my Brewniversity card, it belongs to my wife, Katie. Still, it’s on my card so I’m counting it.

Pacific Pear is a gluten-free, naturally fermented cider using 100 percent pear juice and not just pear concentrate or pear-flavored apple cider. Fox Barrel’s website also boasts that it adds no extra sugar, preservatives, malt or other alcohols to it.

It’s a dessert cider that Katie got before she ate, but she enjoyed it. Plus the logo is pretty damn cool.

88 down, 37 to go … Until next time, Taco Mac.

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  1. There is no Taco Mac app. It is only your imagination.

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