Brian’s Bets of Champions

Things are tough on Brian’s farm. I don’t even own a farm after getting demolished two weeks ago. All I ended with are two cows, one of which I had to use in this week’s bets. So here’s hoping for a better performance than two week’s ago…

Bet the filet on …

South Carolina (-3) over Mississippi State
I’m going to give Miss St. the points here. Without the 24-hour drunk Stephen Garcia on the team, the Gamecocks should actually be able to score points this week. It helps when your quarterback doesn’t see three of everything when he’s trying to complete a pass.
USC 34, Miss St 24

Bet the prime rib on …

Georgia Tech (-7 1/2) over Virginia
If there’s one thing Georgia Tech can do, it’s score points. A lot of points.
While I admittedly haven’t seen a lot of Virginia this year, I have seen Georgia Tech and I believe in its offense to put up points. Can Virginia match them? No
Georgia Tech 49, Virginia 17

Bet the hamburger on …

Tennessee (+18 1/2) over LSU
Let me say that Tennessee will not beat LSU. It won’t be close, but the Tigers will not win by more than 18 points.
Three of the past 4 meetings between the two teams have been decided by touchdowns with less than a minute left in the game.
LSU will lead big, but Tennessee will score a late TD to cover the spread.
LSU 38, Tenn 21

Bet the milk on …

Stanford (-21 1/2) over Washington State
It’s at Washington State, which gives me some concern, but the 2 games I’m seen of Stanford leads me to believe they can score fast and consistently.
It’s a lot of points I’m giving to the Cougars, but I have to take the Cardinal in a lopsided victory.
Stanford 59, Washington St 20

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