BG’s Picks for Week 1

Hello followers, if I have any left.

Football season is back! YEAH! And since I’m in a bunch of Pick’em leagues, I want to share some of my picks so you can all laugh at them 6 months from now or I can rub in all your faces (it’s probably be the former).

So, here’s my NFL Week 1 picks …

Saints at Packers — Saints (duh!)
Falcons at Bears — Bears
Bills at Chiefs — Chiefs
Bengals at Browns — Browns
Lions at Buccaneers — Lions
Titans at Jaguars — Titans
Colts at Texans — Texans
Eagles at Rams — Eagles
Steelers at Ravens — Steelers
Vikings at Chargers — Chargers
Giants at Redskins — Giants
Panthers at Cardinals — Cardinals
Seahawks at 49ers — 49ers
Cowboys at Jets — Jets
Patriots at Dolphins — Patriots
Raiders at Broncos — Broncos

I’ll at my college football picks later. ( I have to extend this idea for all its worth) Until then … who dat!


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2 responses to “BG’s Picks for Week 1

  1. Katie

    While I’m glad to not have to look at “Shake shake shake senora,” this is a total cop out.

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