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Picks of the Weekend

After a few unfavorable comments on my last post, I decided to change up my predictions to make it somewhat more interesting to readers.
A few changes
• Instead of the pros, I’m going to be calling college football games.
• Instead of just picking the winners, I’m going to be calling the spread
• I’ll let you know how confident I am on each pick, and if you’re the gambling type, you can then decide for yourselves whether or not to place bets on my bold predictions.
So here we go.

Bet the farm on …

Virginia Tech (-7 points) over Clemson
Hey look at us, we’re Clemson. We beat Florida State and Auburn. We’re really good. Blah blah blah
Shut the hell up.
Yes, Clemson is 4-0, but it hasn’t traveled outside of Death Valley Jr. this season. And Florida State and Auburn are shitty shitty teams (sorry, Jeff). I’ve watched a few Clemson games, and I still don’t believe in them.
Admittedly I haven’t watched much of Virginia Tech, but they can score, and will, against this Clemson team. 34-21

Bet the tractor on …

Alabama (-4) over Florida
As much as I hate to admit it, Alabama is good. Really good. Florida is good. Just not as good.
If you want a lot of scoring, then don’t even turn on this game. But Bama running back Trent Richardson will find the end zone a couple of times and the Gators will not be effective against the Bama D.
But here’s hoping the over/under on torn ACLs in this game is WAY over.
31-17 Alabama

Bet the cow on …

Mississippi State (+7) over Georgia
Georgia will probably win this game (sad face) but not by a touchdown. Maybe a field goal, maybe a safety, maybe Mark Richt will speak to another church and God will grant him a free point, but Mississippi State won’t lose by seven.
24-21 UGA

Bet the pig on …

LSU (+30) over Kentucky
This game will be over (hopefully) after the first quarter, but 30 points is a lot to beat a team by.
There are a lot of reasons why LSU won’t score 30-40 points this game: The offense is OK but not great, the game is at 11:20 am central time, LSU will probably be looking forward to the next week’s game against Florida.
But LSU’s defense will not let Kentucky score more than 10 points. ALl the offense has to do is get 40 (which can be accomplished) against the terrible joke of an SEC team that is Kentucky.
45-6 LSU

So there you go. I’ll update next week to see if I have any cows, pigs, tractors or a farm left.

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BG’s Picks for Week 1

Hello followers, if I have any left.

Football season is back! YEAH! And since I’m in a bunch of Pick’em leagues, I want to share some of my picks so you can all laugh at them 6 months from now or I can rub in all your faces (it’s probably be the former).

So, here’s my NFL Week 1 picks …

Saints at Packers — Saints (duh!)
Falcons at Bears — Bears
Bills at Chiefs — Chiefs
Bengals at Browns — Browns
Lions at Buccaneers — Lions
Titans at Jaguars — Titans
Colts at Texans — Texans
Eagles at Rams — Eagles
Steelers at Ravens — Steelers
Vikings at Chargers — Chargers
Giants at Redskins — Giants
Panthers at Cardinals — Cardinals
Seahawks at 49ers — 49ers
Cowboys at Jets — Jets
Patriots at Dolphins — Patriots
Raiders at Broncos — Broncos

I’ll at my college football picks later. ( I have to extend this idea for all its worth) Until then … who dat!


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