Haiku corner

Haiku land says hi,
This is where I write poems
And your mama jokes

I am your slave

I was given the challenge of expressing one of my greatest loves in poetry form, so I want to share with you all a few of the haikus I wrote about the wonder that are sunflower seeds.

Salt goodness in shell
Black, white and tasty all over
Sunflower seed love

Outside shell so tough
Inside tender as baby
Contradiction seed

Salty addiction
Need to stop, seed keeps calling
Hi, my name is Brian

Seed so salty good
Diet Coke cup so empty
Drive fast to QuikTrip

Flower is yellow
Sunflower seed black and white
Rainbow in stomach

Seed calms salty itch
Need returns from Mac mouse clicks
Apple destroyed me

Place, bite, crack then spit
Work brings a tiny seed of flesh
Getting hosed by seed

Big bag for one buck
Money can’t buy happiness
But seeds are so close

Your mama big
When she wears a yellow dress
Sunflowers face her

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