Still here … DAMNIT!

So the “rapture” came and went, I guess. I’m still here. Are my followers still here? Both of them? Katie? (here) Kristen (here). Phew, that’s good.

How did I spend rapture day? Watching Jack Bauer commit rapture on terrorist asses!

I make Chuck Norris cry!

I may be more than a year late on this season, but “24” is my guilty pleasure. Everyone is a mole, no one can be trusted, an average of 4 people die each episode and about 8 races and nationalities are insulted each season (damn Muslims, Russians, Mexicans, Ukranians and Americans this season).

Plus the 5 congruent storylines help keep my wandering attention on the show.

What's wrong with Jack? Why is she crying up there? Who the crap is he and why's he bleeding? He must be a bad guy. And why is she giving the bad guy her bedroom eyes? Ahhhh!!!

Plus the No. 3 reason I love this show … President Charles Logan! A mix between an unfaithful Bill Clinton, a paranoid George W. Bush with the looks of Richard Nixon, I would vote for this guy every single time.

I've been arrested for treason yet I still make appearances in 5 seasons. I'm that good.

So, “24,” I thank you for your 7 nonstop days of asskicking good times. I still have 5 episodes left and I intend to enjoy them all. When they’re over, well …. DAMNIT!

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