OMG! You’re back!

So this week it’s been me and the dog. With half of my readership away in Louisiana, me and Hartley …


… have had a bachelors’ week. Just doing guy stuff, like lines of coke of dead hookers. Ya know how it goes.

But the best is the welcome I’ve gotten when I get home.

Hartley, I'm home!

Let me preface it by saying he’s always excited when I come home, tail wagging, tongue out excited. Like this…


But with me being the only human here this week, his excitement has multiplied by 1000. Now, when I step inside it’s like this…

It's really you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not a dream!!!!!!!!

And then the crazy starts. Once he realizes he isn’t sleeping, he goes into stupid mode…

Like woah!!!

… and brings me various toys and other things he worked on during the day …

Well, that's sweet!

But it doesn’t end there. It soon turns into the excitement of a Mardi Gras parade …

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun ... HEY!

Or a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Complete with balloons …

I told you he made stuff during the day. He's the Martha Stewart of dogs. It's a good thing.

And after flattering me for a few minutes, he shows the real reason why he’s happy to see me. It’s not so much me as it is nature calling …

May I use the loo, good sir?

Ah well. I feel important for those first few minutes. The next few minutes, however, I feel less honored and more like a piece of, well, you get the picture …

Privacy would be nice!

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One response to “OMG! You’re back!

  1. kittypaws9

    Hartley as a stick figure is super adorable. You as a stick figure is SUPER CREEPY. I bet it ends up in my nightmares.

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