You’re Invited! (Well, maybe not YOU reading this post, but others are invited!)


So this weekend Katie and I finally got our wedding invitations done. After a lot of stress and prodding and questions and advice and unsolicited opinions — I should stop — we finally got them done. No, you cannot see them now, idiot. Just wait.

Now this has been a project for a while, and I’ve  scoured the Internet looking at other invites, so I wanted to share some of the awesome, horrible and bad-ass invites I’ve seen these past few months.

This one makes me mad. I hope it’s a joke, but the message board I got it from says it isn’t, which pisses me off so much. Really, Twilight people? REALLY!?!? You people are stupid. I hope this marriage ends in divorce, which I’m sure it will soon if the two are this dumb.

This one apparently has made the rounds judging by how many times I’ve seen it, but if you haven’t seen it before, it’s funny. I like it, you should like it too.

But the most bad-ass one I’ve seen goes to …

How cool is that?!? I question why anyone would only invite zombies to their wedding, but whatever. It’s pretty sweet and judging by how many times I’ve seen it, has been passed around a lot.

I said that was the most bad-ass wedding invite I found, but this is the most bad-ass one never before published, until now. I made this one with hopes it would be Katie and mine. It isn’t 😦 but that only means you can see it!

I think it’s classy and elegant. But maybe that’s just me.

Love, Brian

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