It finally happened!!!!

FINALLY! My dream (and on occasion my worst nightmare) has come true!!! What am I talking about? A championship team destroyed their trophy!!!

And to top it all off, it was a soccer team that did it! My laughing at the sport of soccer continues!!!

I’ll back up some. A team called Real Madrid won some fancy soccer title a few days ago. Good for them! That hard work of running and kicking a ball and not using their hands and falling down on a gust of wind finally paid off. This is a pic of them winning and the trophy…

So cute with the little ribbons! So last night the team had a victory parade in Madrid.

We winna de cup! A yay for us
And what happened next? The idiots DROPPED the trophy off the bus!!!!!!!!!! And the best part, the bus driver RAN OVER the damn thing!!!!!
A dios mio! Our pobre cup!
Here’s a link to the actual story for those who want to learn more about it than what I supplied:
So why am I so happy about this? Because for years the college football trophy is a big glass football that is passed around by happy dumb college football players, and every time I wish for it to be dropped on the stage (except when LSU wins, of course)
Drop it, you cheating asshole!

Drop it and die on the shards of glass!

Drop it then use your magic powers to rebuild it!

Hold on to it tight, please. I love you!

I would say drop it, but you already quit. HAHA

Drop it, you dumb asshole!
I have nothing to say because I hate you so much!
No dropping please!! You were so awesome!! What happened??

(Note the absence of UGA championship pics here. HAHAHAHA)
So here’s to more trophies being dropped. The Stanley Cup can take it, the Lombardi trophy can take it, the NBA trophy can take but I hope that ugly ass baseball trophy is the next to go…

… unless the Cubs win it.

Love, Brian

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